Our mission:

Creating the first self governed NFT Lab.

Its like owning

NFT Berlin

shares - but in cool.

This is us:

nftlab.berlin is a NFT service provider. We create unique Web3 experiences for all kind of brands and companies out there. We team up with international partners to boost your brand into the metaverse.

Experience and range: By instructing us with your NFT Drop your brand will benefit from a growing NFT enthusiastic Bearzzz Community.

Dont`be shy, say hi@nftlab.berlin

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why instruct us

And this:

nftlab.berlin is a limited NFT collection. Owning a NFT will give you free (yeah!) access to all NFT Projects created by this lab, including future work for brands and clients.

There is more: NFT holders will become part of the nftlab.berlin DAO. A self governed NFT lab where NFT holder own and control the lab.

Bearzzz NFT will be availabe on opensea.io in Q4

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no fomo - no discord - 100% utility


Preparation period

Launching the nftlab.berlin website, its brand identity, teaming up with international NFT experts, building a community by educational work.

Bringing 10.000 unique Bearzzz to life

Designing, coding and bringing 10.000 unique profile picture NFTs on a sustainable blockchain requires some effort. We’re here for the long haul.

Finding a home for 4.500 Bearzzz NFT

By launching the INO (initial NFT offering) nftlab.berlin will sell 4.500 Bearzzz NFTs via opensea.io

Founding period

In order to offer our service to the market nftlab.berlin must become an official trademark and registered company.

Entering the market

nftlab.berlin officially launches its services to all kind of brands and companies out there.


Preparing the DAO

We believe that launching a token based DAO to create a self governed NFT Lab requires a smart community of NFT Experts and enthusiasts like you.

Get involved
Defining NFT makers and holders

In a Decentralized Autonomous Organization we are going to face a simple, yet elementary question: Who is doing the actual work and how can workers (makers) benefit from their created value equally to investors (holders), while operating within the same DAO Get involved

Launching BLN Coin

In order to support local economies BLN Coin is made to support what’s next, controlled and built by the Bearzzz community to make the city of Berlin become a new home for everyone.


Bearzzz NFT are 10.000 unique profile picture NFT: Different look, same utility. Because value comes from creating value, this NFT collection does not use any trait properties to create artificial rarity. By owning a Bearzzz NFT you can claim future NFT Drop nftlab.berlin creates for its clients and become a member of the nftlab.berlin DAO.

Bearzzz NFT will be available on opensea.io in Q4



nftlab.berlin was formed by enthusiastic NFT pioneers from Berlin Germany in 2021. Our team is backed by several web3, design, code and brand building experts from around the globe united by a simple smart contract. We strongly believe in new technologies and the power of a community driven metaverse.

We were here before the hype and we will be here when its over.


Creating a self governed business where workers (makers) and investors (holders) equally benefit from all achievements might sound like rocket science for some. And to be fair: we know it is close to that. So whats a NFT lab? For us its a place where serious business interests and experimental ideas team up to create new opportunities for everyone. Because that’s what labs do: They experiment.


  • Chris (GER) NFT Innovator
  • Noé (GER) Web3 Native
  • Eli (UK) Blockchain Expert
  • Hamsa (SGP) Blockchain Expert
  • Faressy (SYR) Webdev Hero
  • Alejandro (ES) Comic Artist
  • Björn (SE) 3D Artist
  • Urs (CH) DeFi Expert
  • Jay (GER) Tourmanager